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  • The NFL announced Adrian Peterson will be suspended without pay for at least the remainder of the 2014 season. The NFLPA responded and notified the league of its appeal. The NFL appointed former NFL executive Harold Henderson to hear the appeal. Michael McCann on some of the legal issues surrounding the suspension. Arbitrator Shyam Das also ruled that the NFL can keep Peterson on the Commissioner’s Exempt List pending his appeal. Our own Andrew Sensi explained the Commissioner’s Exempt List here.
  • Nathan Fenno on the NFL concussion settlement. Players and families urged Judge Brody to reject the settlement, while attorneys criticized it.


  • Judge Shipp ruled for the leagues in the New Jersey sports betting fight, preventing betting at Monmouth Park. Michael McCann and Daniel Wallach on the decision and the state’s appeal.
  • Wallach also analyzed Adam Silver’s support of sports betting. Marc Cuban gave his take on Silver’s comments, predicting the betting landscape will change over the next three to five years.


  • Do NCAA stars deserve future earnings protection?
  • From The National Law Review: how to avoid UNC’s academic scandal. Are selective colleges with big-time sports at greater risk for compromising academics?
  • Money, marketing, and the NCAA: Sonny Vaccaro’s legacy.
  • Outside the Lines reports authentication issues with memorabilia allegedly signed by Jameis Winston. Winston told Florida State compliance officials the autographs were forgeries. His disciplinary hearing has been postponed again.


  • Jeff Taylor isn’t appealing his NBA suspension for pleading guilty to domestic violence assault, but what would happen if he did?
  • The NBPA is reviewing its regulations governing agents as a result of Jason Kidd’s move to Milwaukee following his agent’s failed negotiations with the Nets.
  • Kevin Arnovitz reports that Nuggets’ GM Tim Connelly offered deals that were not permitted under the salary cap.


  • Here’s the FIFA report on the corruption investigation into the World Cup bidding process. FIFA filed a complaint with the Swiss attorney general’s office against officials involved in the corrupt bidding process. The international governing body also agreed to review the corruption report.


  • Here’s the NHL’s motion to dismiss the class action concussion lawsuit it’s facing.
  • A. Kings defenseman Slava Voynov could face deportation if he is convicted of the domestic violence charge he faces.

Best of the Rest

  • Andrew Brandt on Adam Silver’s gambling stance, Adrian Peterson, and the benefits of uncapped coaching salaries.
  • When is an athlete’s management agreement in restraint of trade?
  • The construction of the 2016 Olympic golf course could be halted in court for violations of environmental laws.
  • Contract disputes, marketing issues, and conspiracy claims: the family legal fight over Ryan Howard’s finances.
  • Harvard Law professor Peter Carfagna discusses current issues in sports law.
  • The Court of Arbitration for Sport announced its newest members.
  • The 8th Annual National Baseball Arbitration Competition is only two months away.

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