Monthly Archive: April 2014

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Betting the House: New Jersey’s Governor Goes All-In Against PASPA

If New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has his way, the next time New Jersey hosts a Super Bowl, fans may be able to walk down the street and drop a wager on their favorite NFL team before the big game. Christie’s dream, however, has faced numerous speed bumps, and with his options dwindling, Christie made one final effort, pushing all his chips in the middle of the table.

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Shabazz Napier: The Agent of Change (Not Quite)

Among a number of new proposals adopted on Tuesday, the NCAA has approved unlimited snacks and meals as a benefit incidental to participation for student-athletes.[1] Many are looking at this new legislation as a panicked response to Shabazz Napier’s speech against the NCAA after the National Championship. The NCAA isn’t sitting up there, sweating (well they are, but not over this), thinking “Oh no, a visible figure in one of our money sports has exposed an unjust chink in our armor!” This change has been long in the making, starting with the infamous fruits, nuts, and bagels interpretation.

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FC Besieged Barcelona: FIFA’s Hammer of Justice

In a season where FC Barcelona is already dealing with adversity, the soccer[i] gods are deciding to pile it on. Not only is the club facing the loss of multiple key players that have been mainstays for a decade (Puyol, Valdes), they are also in the midst of the closest title race in La Liga in years (THREE whole teams within three points). On the business side of the club, Barcelona and Real Madrid are also fighting against a potential new regulation on the sport that would decrease their television revenue advantage over the other clubs. FC Barca LogoCurrently the two clubs make as much as 6.5 times as much as the smallest clubs on television deals, while this new law would shrink that to max out the disparity at a fourfold difference (a likely loss of approximately one third of their current share).