Thursday , March 23 2017

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Sports Law Links

Each week The Sports Esquires keep track of the sports law headlines so you don’t have to. It’s March Madness and that means plenty of NCAA news, even in sports law.

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How to Revamp College Sports’ Antiquated System

For whichever side of the argument one advocates, the unequivocal certainty is that the landscape of college athletics is set for a seismic paradigm shift as the concept of pure “amateurism” now appears to be illusory and anachronistic. Too much money is now involved for the NCAA to cling to the notion that sports are simply there to “enhance the educational experience.”

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In too Deppe: Antitrust Suit Against NCAA Falls Flat

Last year, Peter Deppe initiated a challenge to the NCAA’s scholarship limits and transfer rules, after failing to transfer and receive an athletics scholarship at a new school. This week, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana all but shot down Deppe’s case, once again upholding the NCAA rules in face of the Sherman Act.

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