Wednesday , October 26 2016

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Much Ado About Nothing: Northwestern’s New NLRB “Decision”


Last month the NLRB issued an advice memorandum concerning the Northwestern football handbook, and the team’s unlawful social media rules. A footnote in the memo assumes for the purposes of the memo that Northwestern’s scholarship football players are employees. This memo was one person assuming an employee status in a limited circumstance, not a reversal of last year’s NLRB ruling, and is still miles away from the NLRB declaring student-athletes to be employees.

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Sports Law Links


Each week The Sports Esquires keep track of the sports law headlines so you don’t have to. This week’s edition features the Derrick Rose trial, a new DFS lawsuit in New York, the end of O’Bannon, and Maria Sharapova’s arbitration win.

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Finley v. Kuhn and the Power of the Commissioner

Former Oakland A's owner, Charlie Finley

Long before Sam Hinkie asked Philadelphia 76ers fans to trust the process, there was Charlie Finley. Long before Roger Goodell became known as the most notorious commissioner in professional sports, there was Bowie Kuhn. One of the most famous sports law cases in history saw these two face off in a battle of egos that would impact the world of sports in a way that resonates today.

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