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Unionizing Student Athletes: An Overview of What Lies Ahead

The biggest news yesterday in the sports law world was of course that Northwestern’s Kain Colter is seeking to unionize his fellow members of the Wildcat football team. While this is certainly a big deal, it is a long way from coming to fruition and is fraught with obstacles that must be overcome. Moreover, unionizing college athletes will also open a pandora’s box of secondary issues that will have to be addressed. Tax-exemptions, Title-IX, the O’Bannon antitrust suit, and a slew of other issues will have to be addressed if the landscape of collegiate-athletics is overhauled by unionizing the players.

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Down the Rabbit Hole: The Unlikely and Fantastical Theory of a College Sports Union

Northwestern and the NCAA have both made statements regarding this attempt to unionize, with vastly different tones and acceptances. Northwestern offered the opinion that its students are “leaders and independent thinkers.” They subtly show their hand in approving the move by throwing out that they are proud of their students and this action exemplifies the institution’s teachings (well, either that or they are trying to solely emphasize the word independent in a way to say “NCAA leave us out of this, it isn’t us).

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All Courts United: Why, Despite Kain Colter’s Best Efforts, It Is Unlikely He Will Succeed In Unionizing College Athletes

So Kain Colter is leading the charge to unionize college football players as the next step from his “All Players United” protest armband. Hopefully union leadership is kinder to him than it was to poor Frank Sobotka on the Baltimore shipyards…
While perhaps a monumental moment in the rights of college athletes, there is one threshold question, which must be addressed. For the purposes of unionizing, are college athletes employees of the university or college?

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Super Bowl Saturday?

The Super Bowl is on Sunday. It always has been, and it always will? Every year there is a new push to make the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday. But so far, no such luck. I want to offer up a second possibility. Host the Super Bowl on Saturday. Think about it. No work the next day means no worrying about “over-consumption” (at least not from a hangover standpoint, you should never drink and drive), and no worrying about getting to bed on time.

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Welcome to The Sports Esquires! A new blog offering a different take on all the sports that you love. We will be exploring all the activity that happens off the field; from TV deals to lawsuits, and everything in-between; our writers will explain, analyze, dissect, and inform you about everything going on...

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If Tomlin Summoned His Inner Polamalu… And Brought Jones Down

Mike Tomlin, the 2010 Lombardi Trophy-hoisting head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, uncharacteristically thrust himself into the limelight during a Thanksgiving night game against the rival Baltimore Ravens.  Tomlin seemingly attempted to impede kick return extraordinaire Jacoby Jones’ path to the end zone by standing extremely close to the playing field...

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MLB Hall of Fame: A Chamber for Stars or a Star Chamber?

Congratulations are in order for Greg Maddox, Jeff Glavine, and Frank Thomas. Cooperstown’s latest inductees are all undoubtedly Hall of Fame talents. As for the writers that voted them in? They’re collectively closer to minor league talents. It’s unbelievable how self-righteous and blissfully ignorant the members of the Baseball Writers Association...

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Allow me to start by saying that the NCAA is by no means perfect. With countless calls for reform, mostly involving amateurism and deregulation of a handbook that could be about a hundred pages shorter, the writing is on the wall that a number of people have issues with the current...