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1st Annual NBA Mock Draft - 2014 Edition

Today is the day! The NBA Draft is tonight, and a few of our writers here decided they wanted in on the mock draft fun and excitement. As that one last point of view trying to predict a very unpredictable event, we hope this gives you a pleasant work break as you desperately pray that that one specific player falls to your team (not going to happen, it rarely ever does). With that in mind, and no further delay, enjoy how we think the NBA draft will pan out, complete with completely realistic trades and all!

Luis-Suarez-Bite-World-Cup 1

Hungry for Victory: Luis Suarez Strikes Again

On Wednesday, FIFA announced that it has charged Uruguay forward Luis Suarez with biting an Italian opponent and has opened disciplinary proceedings in the incident. What are the possible penalties? What is the precedent? Sean Dotson explains.

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Setting the Record Straight - What The Cancellation of the Washington Redskins Trademarks Really Means

For the second time in 15 years, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has cancelled the federal registrations for six trademarks of the Washington Redskins on grounds that the team name is disparaging to Native Americans.
The amount of incorrect information circulating about this decision is astounding. Particularly during the hours immediately following the decision, multiple major news sources were issuing incorrect or misleading reports about the impact of the USPTO’s decision.
This article will attempt to set the record straight by laying out the complete history of the case and it’s reasonably certain future. No opinion on whether the name should be changed will be given.

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“Não vai ter Copa!” they chant in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and several other Brazilian cities that will host World Cup matches in June and July. “There will be no World Cup,” they say, and they mean to be taken seriously. Protests have exploded throughout Brazil on the eve of the World Cup. The protesters’ list of grievances is long and not entirely limited to the problems associated with Brazil’s hosting of the 2014 World Cup, but this landmark event in Brazil’s history has provided the opportunity for people from the middle and working classes to air their grievances on the world stage.

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Dr. Enforcement: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love NCAA Interpretive Flexibility

The NCAA announced a new interpretive philosophy. If this philosophy works, everyone wins. Student-athletes will likely receive more minimal participation benefits without having to pay back paltry amounts. Compliance offices can actually say yes to coaches and staff members more often, without the NCAA second-guessing the institution. Lastly, the NCAA’s small and overburdened enforcement staff can relax in the knowledge that they will see less violations (stupid or just minimal) cross their desks. But if the philosophy doesn’t work, the NCAA could devolve into interpretive chaos, and just become another thorn in the organization’s side.

Hoffman underwent Tommy John surgery in April, 2014 0

Drafting Tommy John

There has been a rash of Tommy John surgeries in Major League Baseball this year. What do teams need to consider when drafting a collegiate or high school pitcher who has torn his UCL?

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In the Rough: Phil Mickelson Being Investigated for Insider Trading

On May 31, 2014, the Wall Street Journal reported that PGA superstar Phil Mickelson was being investigated by the FBI and SEC for violating insider-trading laws. Mickelson is being investigated along with activist shareholder and investor Carl Icahn, and gambler Billy Walters. At this point in time, Mickelson, Icahn and Walters are not facing charges. Mickelson has stated he has “done absolutely nothing wrong” and that he is cooperating with the investigation. While it is unfortunately common for athletes to be under investigation by authorities for various felonies, insider-trading allegations against professional athletes are exceedingly rare, and many sports fans are probably asking, “what is insider trading?”