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Each week The Sports Esquires keep track of the sports law headlines so you don’t have to. This week’s edition features the New Jersey sports betting repeal bill and the looming DFS merger.

Sports Gambling and Fantasy Sports

  • New Jersey lawmakers go for the nuclear option: introducing a bill to repeal all restrictions on sports betting in an attempt to circumvent PASPA. Here’s the bill. John Brennan calls it a “trial balloon” and gets some thoughts from Dan Wallach.
  • The DraftKings-FanDuel merger is coming together quickly. But even when they do merge, there will still be a lot of questions.
  • David Purdum and Ryan Rodenberg discuss the pitfalls of sports betting after legalization.


  • Judge tells NFL to disclose how it handled concussions.
  • Agent Joby Branion sues Roc Nation for stealing Melvin Ingram.


  • How the ongoing MLB CBA negotiations could affect revenue sharing among teams.
  • The Department of Justice has filed suit against DirecTV over LA Dodgers broadcast.


  • Dan Werly summarizes the reported details of the expected new NBA CBA.
  • Podcast: Larry Coon and Nate Duncan discuss the NBA CBA negotiations and how expected changes will impact the league.

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