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Finley v. Kuhn and the Power of the Commissioner

Long before Sam Hinkie asked Philadelphia 76ers fans to trust the process, there was Charlie Finley. Long before Roger Goodell became known as the most notorious commissioner in professional sports, there was Bowie Kuhn. One of the most famous sports law cases in history saw these two face off in a battle of egos that would impact the world of sports in a way that resonates today.

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Explaining A-Rod’s Non-Retirement and Why the Door is Open for a Return

When news first came out that Alex Rodriguez would be playing his last game with the Yankees on Friday, August 12, it was widely assumed it would be his last Major League Baseball game - period.

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A Surprising MVP Candidate in Kansas City Royal Lorenzo Cain

Lorenzo Cain put together an MVP caliber season in 2015. He may not win the award but a strong season and continued development year in and year out have made him a premier center fielder. His future earnings in 2016 and beyond should reflect that.

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The Impact of the Qualifying Offer this Off-Season

Matt Wieters

MLB's Collective Bargaining Agreement allows for teams to offer, through the Qualifying Offer, impending free agents a one-year contract in order to retain their services or receive a draft selection if they sign elsewhere. Major League teams could extend a record number of Qualifying Offers in the coming days.

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While the NFL Litigates, the MLB and MLBPA Avoids Conflict (Again) and Announces Joint Policy on Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse

Unless you have locked yourself in a bunker for all of 2015, you are at least “generally aware” of the basics of the Deflategate saga between Tom Brady and the NFL. While the NFL and NLFPA have been butting heads and spending millions (twelve lawyers appeared at a recent Deflategate federal court hearing) in this litigation and others, the MLB and MLBPA have again been quietly working behind closed doors avoiding potential problems and this week announced a joint domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse policy.

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The Real Case of Service Time Manipulation

The Philadelphia Phillies recent demotion of Cody Asche to the Minor Leagues is an example of the MLBPA misplacing its focus on Major League debuts and overlooking actual Service Time Manipulation.

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Playing for Now and Paying it Later

How Max Scherzer’s contract with the Nationals helps the team’s finances while paying the pitcher more than the face value of the contract.

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Sports Esquires 2015 MLB Primer: Unheralded Prospects Likely to Contribute in the Big Leagues

Every year, World Series contenders end up relying on unlikely sources for crucial at-bats and big innings. Last year, Second Baseman Joe Panik played a significant role for the San Francisco Giants and Terrance Gore was a key reserve for the Kansas City Royals. Baseball America and continually publish ‘Top 100 Prospect’ lists and rank every clubs’ best minor leaguers. Alternatively, the Sports Esquires examine unheralded prospects likely to help contending teams.

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Nobody Puts Bryant in the Minors! Except for Mr. Epstein…

Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs had a stellar spring training. Bryant should be a shoe-in for the Cubs’ major league 25-man roster come opening day, right? If you've been paying attention to any major sports news outlet, you know that's not the case. This past Monday, March 30, the Cubs reassigned Bryant to their minor league camp, meaning that the number two prospect in all of baseball will start the season in the minor leagues. Why?

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The Final Fight at the Friendly Confines?

It finally happened. After beating around the bush for years – including multiple lawsuits against the City of Chicago and the Commission on Chicago Landmarks – a group of owners that operate the rooftop seating clubs on the buildings behind Wrigley Field sued the Chicago Cubs and chairman Tim Rickets in the Northern District of Illinois. The Rooftop Owners allege a number of claims stemming from the Cubs’ ongoing, Wrigley Field “expansion” project.

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