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Show Me the Money: Why Do Local Governments Subsidize Sports? - Part Two

Local governments portray sports subsidies as no-brainer success stories. However, a closer look at the cost of professional sports subsidies on the economic development of communities tells a different story.

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Sports Law Links

Each week The Sports Esquires keep track of the sports law headlines so you don’t have to. This week’s edition features the NFL concussion settlement, more on the UAB financial picture, another Barry Bonds legal victory, and much more information on fantasy sports.

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Dirty Laundry: The Violence the NFL Doesn’t Want You to Know About

The first in a three-part-series on the fan-experience at stadiums across the country examines a disturbing trend of violence at NFL stadiums. The potential liability for teams and stadium owners, let alone the devastating injuries suffered by fans, causes one to question why the NFL, its teams, and the media seem more concerned with PR issues related to violence instigated by players, as opposed to the likely far more widespread fan on fan violence occurring weekly in NFL stadiums.

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Show Me the Money: Why Do Local Governments Subsidize Sports? - Part One

At a time when local governments are strapped for cash while professional sports leagues collect higher profits than ever, cities and states pour money into stadium development projects and incentives for local sports teams in an effort to attract or retain professional sports in the area. Why do local governments value private, for-profit entertainment so highly, and what makes them so willing to invest millions in it?

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