Sunday , March 26 2017
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Even If Brady Wins In Manhattan Federal Court, the Final Outcome Is Still Uncertain

Attorneys for the NFLPA and the NFL were back in federal court on Wednesday for oral arguments regarding the propriety of Roger Goodell’s decision to uphold Tom Brady’s four-game suspension. Even if Brady ‘wins’ it is not certain that he would play week 1. The uncertainty is entirely dependent on why Judge Berman vacates the arbitration award and more importantly, how he crafts his order to the parties. Remember, there is what should happen and then there is what will happen. With the NFL and the egos involved there is no telling what will happen.

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Deflategate Legal Filings

Thanks to the honorable Richard M. Berman's decision to unseal the filings in the DeflateGate legal saga we have a wealth of information regarding the NFL's policies and it's relationship with the Player's Association. For sports law nerds the controversy has been like Christmas morning wrapped in opening day and stuffed with Selection Sunday - a dream come true. Below is a listing of the most significant documents and legal filings obtained so far.

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Tom Brady, NFLPA, NFL Settlement Conference Roundup

This morning, after meeting privately with Judge Richard Berman, both the NFL and Tom Brady's legal team took part in a public settlement conference in a Manhattan federal courthouse regarding the two sides ongoing legal dispute over Brady's four-game suspension. There was no shortage of media coverage for event.

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