Sunday , March 26 2017
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Show Cleveland Some Love! The Mechanics of a Wiggins Love Trade.

Recent media reports have suggested that in addition to ongoing trade talks with Minnesota for superstar power forward Kevin Love, Cleveland has only recently made #1 overall draft pick and fashionable lothario Andrew Wiggins available in such trade talks. So let’s forget about ‘would they,’ ‘should they’ make this trade and focus on ‘could they?’ Let’s assume the trade is going down, and lets assume it does include Andrew Wiggins (a trade which would vastly alter the landscape of the NBA).[i] This article will break down the CBA rules regarding trades and salaries, and give a couple possible pictures of what such a trade could look like under the CBA rules.

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1st Annual NBA Mock Draft - 2014 Edition

Today is the day! The NBA Draft is tonight, and a few of our writers here decided they wanted in on the mock draft fun and excitement. As that one last point of view trying to predict a very unpredictable event, we hope this gives you a pleasant work break as you desperately pray that that one specific player falls to your team (not going to happen, it rarely ever does). With that in mind, and no further delay, enjoy how we think the NBA draft will pan out, complete with completely realistic trades and all!

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