If you have found that SEO is too expensive for your modest budget and have decided that you you are going to do your own SEO, this site features free search engine optimization tips, articles, tutorials & resources on how to optimize your own website.

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Updated 10/7/13.

For the past couple of years Google has updated it's algorithm several times that puts more emphasis on website content & user interaction. With Google stressing a greater importance in 'on page' content, and signals that it intends to stress this in the future, it's natural that you would want to focus your long term efforts on this area of SEO. So, with keeping that in mind we've focused our efforts in providing the bulk of our material that pertains to on-page content improvements. On Page Optimization must end up increasing the amount of user interaction if you want to see positive increases in your sites rankings in the SERP's.

On Page SEO

Refers to all the various elements that make up a web page, which includes both the visible elements, which only you & I see, (text, images, video, links, layout), and the invisible elements, which only the browser and search engines see, (Meta data, HTML, Java code, micro-data, etc).

Google recommends that you content be optimizer to benefit the user, not the search engines.

Here are the top 3 things you should consider most important regarding on page seo...

1. Creating Quality Page Content to maximize human interaction.

Does it provide the best & most accurate information available? Have you done a thorough job of researching it? If someone else already has the same content, and most likely there will be, then what can you add of value that the others have missed.

Clean looking graphics, animations, images & videos, pleasant page colors, and a logical & organized presentation of your content will all help to increase the attractiveness & effectiveness of your website.


2. On Page Visual Presentation, Link Hierarchy & Over-all Website structure.

First impressions are always the most important and depending on what type of website you have whether it's business, media, informational or whatever, the page layout & colors should be designed to set the mood for what will come next.

Clean looking graphics, animations, images & videos, pleasant page colors, and a logical & organized presentation of your content will all help to increase the attractiveness & effectiveness of your website.

Your most important pages should be 3 clicks or less from the home page, and you should think about how visitors will go from the home page (your root page) to a page containing more specific content.

3. Keywords & Keyword Density.

It is not as important to have your web site listed for a popular keyword that many people search for, as it is important that your web site has high rankings for keywords that attract visitors who are ready to buy something on your website.

People who use multiple word keywords, aka, long string keywords, 3 words or longer, are usually in the comparing or buying phase of their research. They are more likely to purchase goods or services than those using fewer words.

Off Page SEO Services

Also known as Social SEO Services, are focused on promoting your site through the social media and other sites, which will include creative article & press releases, blogs and back-link building.

Google recommends using the social media to notify users of new products and updates to your site.

1. Links & Link Building

2. Social SEO Promotion


Free Website Optimization Audit & Report

Do you have a website that is not ranking well in the search engines or is not performing to your expectations, we offer several free off site website SEO analysis. The reports that will show any problems that may be at the root cause of your site not doing as well as it should.

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Other Important Optimization How To's, Tips & Resources.

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SEO Resources

The main reason any site owner should optimize their site is because Google & Bing recommend you do so, and another good reason is, many owners have been optimizing their sites and those same sites are now filling up the best positions in the SERP's. So the longer you put off optimizing your site, the harder (and costlier) it will be to gain SERP rank later.

So, why is it so important your site needs to be in the Top 10 positions? Most SERP's display only 10 results per page and a recent study shows that 75% to 90% of all users click through on the first page, that means many never even look beyond the 1st page, and less than 10% of users click through the 2nd page or lower!

SEO is not one specific thing, but is a collection of services wrapped under one label. What we will be stressing is on page optimization, which is, making sure your page content is the best it can be. Good on page content leads to better user interaction.