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Jeremy Jarrett

Jeremy lives in Phoenix and works as in-house counsel, specializing in mergers and acquisitions, for a private management company with holdings in the oilfield services, refrigerated trucking, industrial fabrication and construction industries. Prior to that, he spent six years working for various sports agencies representing NBA, MLB and NFL players where he worked extensively on salary cap and collective bargaining issues. Additionally Jeremy has worked in the legal department of the New Orleans Pelicans, and with the NCAA Enforcement Office. Jeremy graduated Tulane University School of Law in 2012 with a certificate in Sports Law and graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania in 2009 with a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

Guilty By Association: Joint Employer Doctrine and Why the NCAA Should Tread Lightly Regarding the Northwestern NLRB Decision

So the Chicago regional office of the NLRB ruled that Northwestern is an employer and that its football players are employees who may elect to form a union. The decision however did not directly address the NCAA. At first glance the NCAA may not be bound by this decision since it is not labeled as the “employer.” However, what is to stop the NCAA from deploying its nuclear option and simply creating a bylaw stating that any player in a union or any player who is an “employee” is ineligible for competition. Well, there are two main obstacles, one from a practical perspective, and another from the legal side. Let’s begin with the legal element.

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All Courts United: Why, Despite Kain Colter’s Best Efforts, It Is Unlikely He Will Succeed In Unionizing College Athletes

So Kain Colter is leading the charge to unionize college football players as the next step from his “All Players United” protest armband. Hopefully union leadership is kinder to him than it was to poor Frank Sobotka on the Baltimore shipyards… While perhaps a monumental moment in the rights of college athletes, there is one threshold question, which must be addressed. For the purposes of unionizing, are college athletes employees of the university or college?

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A Rational Look At Whether Student Athletes Should Be Paid: The First in a Series

If you have two ears and a brain you have probably been in at least one vicious argument over the discussion of whether students who participate in intercollegiate athletics, should be paid (and please note the word choice… these students are already compensated greatly).  If you were party to such …

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